more torque than you'll ever need. 

Why you want to add Ackermann to your Srt-4?

After studying suspension design and vehicle dynamics, it made me think about steering geometry. I thought it would be advantageous, since I run mostly slow Autocross, to run a fairly high Ackermann angle. 

It was found that certain models of PT Cruiser have a knuckle that significantly increases the Ackerman angle compare to what's stock on the 2003-2005 Srt-4. Why should you care?

1) Increased Ackermann significantly reduces understeer on any Srt-4. All Srt-4 suffer from understeer. Swapping on these knuckles significantly reduces understeer and increases front grip. So much so, that its common to soften the rear swaybar to restore balance, thus increasing cornering power even more.

2) If greatly improved handling wasn't enough, these Knuckles ALSO reduce turning radius by a good 2-3 FEET,,,A Bus-like turning radius is a common complaint amount Srt-4 owners. 

This is an awesome upgrade for ANY Srt-4, so these knuckles are the ones you want

​​++Ackermann bolt on knuckles

​Just so everyone knows the service part numbers.
05272492AB Rt
05272493AB Lt

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