more torque than you'll ever need. 

PCM boost by gear

​​We have refined PCM controlled Boost by Gear to deliver added traction in 1st and 2nd Gear for MAXIMUM acceleration. 

As shown below, each gear has a specific Boost pressure to ensure traction is maintained and the tune delivers smooth power.

1st ~10psi for a good launch
2nd ~14-17psi
3rd-5th 21psi 

Injectors & Tuning Work

PCM controlled Boost by Gear is available as an add-on option for nearly any setup of level of tune you purchase.

  1. IF you have a Stock Big Wheel Stocker, Stage 3 or BW Stage 3 turbo WITH AN INTERNAL WASTEGATE
    1. Its just $45 to add to Boost by Gear to any E85/Gas Base Tune or Pump Gas Rescale tune
    2. Boost by Gear is FREE with the purchase of a Full Custom Tune

  2. ​If you have an External WasteGate Boost by Gear is still Available as a $75 option with the purchase of a Full Custom tune.