Here's the final product, all wrapped up to look like stock. The wire should have     at least 1" of wiggle room. 

NOTE: The original screws will be too long, you can either get shorter screws, or put in a 1/4" spacer like i did.

The sensors won't fit into place because of a small ledge on the manifold, barely hitting the MAP sensor.

The TIP sensor is much less involved. just remove the bracket and drill a new hole for a sheet metal screw and you're done!

​HOW TO: mod caliber 3bar senso​​r

              P/N 5149056AA

If you didn't buy or make your own sensor adapter, the sensor will be facing the wrong direction, pulling the wires to an unacceptable tightness. The wires WILL fail if left like this for too long.

​Once everything is bolted/plugged in, load your rescaled tune and check it out by looking at the BARO/TIP and the MAP with the KEY ON and the ENGINE  OFF. If the 3bar sensors are used on a stock scale, the images above will be what you'll see. 

​​If the scale is correct your MAP/TIP/BARO will match. The kPa will be between 95 to 101 depending on where you live.

Fortunately, there is some excess MAP wiring in the injector harness. just slit it open and pull the excess out, and bingo! all the length you need. 

more torque than you'll ever need. 

Here are the drawings showing you how to modify the Caliber 3bar MAP sensor 5149056AA to fit the NSRT-4 intake and to replace the TIP sensor.

  • You need to buy TWO sensors from you dealer, one for the MAP, one for the TIP
Injectors & Tuning Work

Note: my BARO/TIP and MAP are off by about .6kPa--NOT a BIG deal. This is well within tolerance. 0.6kPa is only .09psi

I strongly recommend modifying the manifold instead of the sensor do save yourself from damaging the sensor. just take a grinder and shave a little bit of the ledge away so the sensor can sit flat.