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E85 and Gas Base tunes

​Do you already have injectors but want the same great E85 and Gas Base tunes that come in the 1025cc injector/tune package?


E85 and Gas Base tunes are ONLY available for the following injectors:

​Siemens 1025cc
ALL Injector Dynamics sizes
FIC 1100cc & 2150cc
AGP 1200cc
Denso 1200cc
RC 750cc

*Please fill out the Custom Tune form and attach your Original Backup tune file with every purchase

So whats the difference between generic "rescales" and NTC's E85 and GAS BASE tunes? Two words: PRECISION & QUALITY!

Our BASE tunes are completely configured for your specific setup. Everything from the size of your turbo to the altitude where you live is accounted for. Start up, idle, part throttle and WOT are considered. Over 100 separate parameters in each tune are tailored to your vehicle.

While our Base tunes are available for several different injectors, the consistency and quality of our brand new Siemens 1025cc(888cc@44psi) injectors means that when matched to their specific Base tunes, you can be sure the out come will surpass expectations. A customer with a 50trim and our 1025cc + E85 base tune sent this just a couple weeks ago:

"I took car to dyno and the shop couldn't believe how on point your tune was! All I did was richen it up 2% and I raised boost from 23lbs to 28 lbs and the A/Fs stayed the same with zero knock! So thank you for the awesome tune!!!"

This very satisfied customer was able attain 424whp and all he needed was a 2% tweak with his Diablo tool. Even when he raised the boost 5psi, the A/F remained dead on target!!!! If a Base tune can be this good, its only gets BETTER with a Custom tune.

Stock, BWS, S3 or Big turbo, our E85 and Gas BASE tunes hit the mark. E85 and Gas Base tunes are available for Siemens 1025cc
ALL Injector Dynamics sizes, FIC 1100cc & 2150cc, AGP 1200cc & RC 750cc. $150