Rescale Tune

A “Rescale” tune is very basic tune and is MANDATORY whenever major components are added to the vehicle. A properly configured Rescale tune will allow the engine to start and drive normally at idle and part throttle. WOT will be safe but most often not be ideal.

*Please fill out the Custom Tune form and attach your Original Backup tune file with every purchase

1) 3bar or 4bar MAP and TIP Sensors
​2) Any size injectors other than what the PCM is calibrated for.
3) 1:1 Return Line
4) AfterMarket WasteGate Actuators with PCM Boost
5) Stage 3
Disable Rear O2 sensor and other annoying CEL (Check Engine Light) 

We don't even bother messing with the lackluster "Diablo" tune, but start fresh off the customer Original Backup. Then I add the following performance improvements:

NOW WITH PCM Knock adjust A/F FAIL SAFE!!!---PCM will automatically richen up the A/F the INSTANT it sees Knock. As soon as the Knock subsides, the commanded A/F returns to its original setting

​1) Modified WOT Timing table based on Turbo, PCM, Octane; Scaled up to 3bar.[stock stops at 2.25bar] 2) Modified Part Throttle Timing for improved idle and drivability
3) Modified VE Table not only for improved idle and drivability but to also add progressively fuel with boost up to 3bar.
4) Raised Charging voltage to increased fuel pump supply and coil output.
5) Enable WG Adaptive Learning to allow PCM to adapt for changing conditions
6) Modified Waste Gate DC table based on the wga used.
7) Modified Desired Torque {“Boost”} to improve boost control
​8) All Torque limiters, raised or disabled
9) Cat Over Temp disabled [aka COT]: provides more stable WOT A/F.
​10) Boost Cut limit raised but left active to provide proper Fail Safe.
11) Modified Knock Thresholds to prevent PCM from needlessly pulling timing.
12) Cooling Fans lower based on all Gas tunes 

*Please fill out the Custom Tune form and attach your Original Backup tune file with every purchase

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