Injectors & Tuning Work

more torque than you'll ever need. 

1025cc Siemens fuel Injectors + E85 & Gas Base tunes +mounting hardware

BRAND NEW 1025cc injectors. [@ 58psi,,,,,,,,,888cc/min @43.5psi]


These OEM quality injectors are plug and play but due to their slightly taller length they require new fuel rail bolts and spacers, which are included FREE!

Unlike other injector retailers that leave you all on your own to purchase an injector rescale, we include BOTH a GAS and E85 Base tune.

As many of you know, not all injector rescale tunes are created equal. This is due to the fact that many injector manufactures do not offer the data for a complete injector characterization. Often, the tuner has to result to Trial and Error BUT unfortunately some tuners leave the rescale half done. Usually the result is a car that has high Long Term Fuel Trims that often might stumble, stall or is hard to start.

Our injector manufacture has provided all the proper data. We have painstakingly converted the data and properly reconfigured it to ensure the Base Tunes are accurate under all driving conditions.

We have tested several sets of these injectors on our own STOCK TURBO car and they run PERFECTLY. With JUST the calculated injector scale , NO TRIAL AND ERROR, Fuel TRIMS are equal to or BETTER than with the STOCK S1 injectors. YES that’s right, IN JUST ONE TUNE, the car runs like stock.

Big Turbo, BWS,  Stock Turbo, E85 or Gas,, IT DOESN'T matter. These will work on WHAT YOU GOT. 
*Please fill out the Custom Tune form and attach your Original Backup tune file with every purchase